Elizabeth MacBride

Journalist, writer and consultant


Elizabeth MacBride is an independent journalist who specializes in finance and international business. She has edited or written feature stories for CNBC, HBR.com, BBC Capital, Newsweek and many others — and she is working on a book, recently excerpted in The Atlantic. She has written stories about New York after 9/11, about Syrian refugee entrepreneurs and about Jack Bogle, the legendary founder of Vanguard Group, the world’s largest mutual fund company.

She also consults with companies and entrepreneurs on their content strategies. She established a thought leadership platform for Wealthfront, the leading online financial advisor, helped establish RIABiz, a b-to-b site for investment advisors, and launched technology and small business newsletters for Crain’s New York and co-founded 200kfreelancer.com. For her consulting clients, she writes and edits white papers and books, helps develop regular web content and builds web site traffic. She also blogs every once in a while with Elaine Pofeldt at 200kfreelancer.com

A selection of stories

Aramex founder delivers hope in the Middle East

Sunlight comes in at all angles at Ruwwad, a community center founded by businessman Fadi Ghandour for the refugee community of East Amman in Jordan.

In a courtyard, a man holds up a snub-nosed camel he’s drawn at the art workshop for mentally disabled adults. Down in one of the alleyways, a 10-year-old has made another piece of art: the model of a magic palace where all the homeless find a place to sleep… Read more here

Jack Bogle’s success principles to live by (CNBC)

John C. Bogle, one of the greatest business leaders of the past 100 years, does not know what makes a leader. But he has some ideas. They’re nothing fancy.

“I can give you some simple principles,” he said, stretching out his long legs in his office, which is cluttered with stacks of books and papers on the floor and on shelves… Read more here

Suicide and the Economy (TheAtlantic.com)

On April 12, 1937, the express train to New York roared across the New Jersey countryside. The train, a Pennsy Railroad electric locomotive the color of bull’s blood, usually passed through the station at Elizabeth at about 50 miles per hour. On this particular morning, it came to an unanticipated stop. As the express rounded the curve, my great-grandfather jumped down from the platform, where witnesses reported he had been pacing for 10 minutes, and lay down across the tracks… Read more here

Retirement Crisis

The snow is falling on a New York City street, and Charley Ellis has taken
the time to put on a bright red scarf and his coat, which is rare for him. Five
minutes spent struggling in and out of his coat as he comes and goes from business meetings would be time wasted.

Ellis, one of the most revered figures in American investing, hates to waste
time… Read more here